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April 27th, 2000 | SHUTDOWN
The HMVH Corporation BBS is shut down as of right now!
April 11th, 2000 | 850
This date is of significance to me. This number is of significance to me. Disk #850 is the last in my still-increasing collection of image files, except that I am now collecting them for me - not the BBS anymore, and we're talking about the best of the best of the greatest exclusively. The last significant upload/addition of image files by the SysOp took place just a few hours ago. Do not expect anything more for a while... not to the BBS in its current form, at least. Geez, I've done this on a regular basis for so long, it'll feel really strange to NOT have to go through this routine anymore! In fact, I wonder if anyone is actually going to read this message.
March 15th, 2000 | GROUP 2
File Group 2 (Hardware Utilities and Information) is no more. As part of a downscaling and outsourcing operation, Group 2 has been deleted and will, at a personal level, continue to survive on CD-ROM only (under the name of THUD - The Hardware Utilities Disc). Expect other File Groups to follow suit.
January 6th, 2000 | Y2K
We've made it... the BBS has made it... and mankind is still alive! Phew, short of a few minor bugs (date- and age-specific bulletins), the HMVH Corporation BBS is largely Y2k compliant and has gracefully slipped into a new millennium. Unfortunately, the All- and NewFiles lists don't show up with a New Files Scan anymore but - otherwise - do let us us if there is anything we may have missed. Also: All regular and registered users have been upgraded to life-time Executive Members.
December 15th, 1999 | FIVE YEARS
Today marks the FIFTH year of the HMVH Corporation BBS online, and this shall unfortunately be its last as well. The only reason this thing is being kept alive is for the sake of sorting our huge image collection, and we're also keen to see what will happen after Y2k - in fact, the very program that generates these news bulletins won't know what to do when the year 2000 rolls along. Let's hope for the best, or we'll just have to keep changing the date back to 1999? Press [Enter] to continue.