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LiveSystems' Trivia was one of the most popular door games featured on the BBS.

More than just the regular multiple choice set of pre-defined questions, it gave users the chance to create their own sets of questionnaires on any conceivable subject -- even restricting them to time limits or a minimum number of questions that must be answered before that round is counted. Wrong answers could be met by a sarcastic remark.

Over and above those set up by the SysOp himself, the HMVH Corporation BBS boasted great quizzes created by its users (friends) -- as well as those taken over from the Mon Ami BBS.

Animal tales, by Paula Schröder

What also set it apart from other games of its kind was a clever safeguard that prevented players from artificially boosting their score via simple trial-and-error: one couldn't repeat the same quiz again until someone else had had a go at it.

Below is the final high score table before the BBS closed its doors:

They played and they scored!
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